Reza Ardakanian, PhD
Reza Ardakanian, PhD
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A Convergence of Minds: Shaping the Energy Landscape at ICERS2024

April 16, 2024 News

Highlighting Profound Discussions in Energy Governance and Management

In the quest for sustainable energy solutions, the International Conference on Energy Resilience and Sustainability (ICERS2024) stands out as a pivotal event, poised to take place from the 18th to the 21st of April 2024 in Tehran, Iran. A key figure contributing to the enriching discourse at this event is Prof. Reza Ardakanian, renowned for his extensive work with the United Nations and in the realm of sustainable development.

The conference will assemble a spectrum of global experts to dissect and debate the nuances of energy resilience and sustainability. It is set to feature esteemed panellists such as Prof. Janos Bogardi, a vanguard in water resources management and a vocal advocate for integrated approaches to energy policy and planning.

At the heart of the event’s dialogue on April 18th will be a critical session on Energy Governance and Management, coordinated by Prof. Ardakanian. This session is expected to highlight innovative governance models that promise to redefine the energy landscape, aligning with sustainable and resilient practices for future generations.

The panels will bring forth a blend of perspectives, with international authorities like Prof. Bogardi providing a wealth of knowledge on the strategic aspects of policy development. In the same vein, Prof. Ardakanian’s session will unearth the intricate layers of energy governance, calling upon his profound experience in steering UN-linked organisations towards a Water-Energy-Food Nexus approach.

ICERS2024 represents more than a conference; it is a confluence of ideas set to catalyse action in energy systems worldwide. The participation of notable figures, from various continents, underscores the international commitment to forging a sustainable and resilient energy future. As the date draws near, the energy community keenly anticipates the outcomes of these discussions, which promise to echo throughout the corridors of global energy governance.

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